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5 ways to look after your aircon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

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If you live in a coastal area like Sydney’s Northern Beaches, air conditioning corrosion is a real concern. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your system from the salt air and keep it running efficiently.

What you need to know about salt air

We love it when we’re on the beach, but salt air plays havoc with aluminium and steel, corroding it faster and reducing its lifespan.

The condenser coil in your AC is composed of copper and aluminium and is responsible for releasing the heat from the unit. It’s the primary target for salty air along with the outside air conditioner case. If that’s not adequately protected and is exposed to too much salt the whole system will fail to work.

Your salt air action plan

Here are 5 simple, preventative steps you can take to protect your air conditioner from salt air corrosion and keep it running smoothly for years to come:

1. When purchasing an air conditioner, look for one with corrosion protection and coastal corrosion warranties. Read reviews online or give us a call on 0426 601 322 and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

2. Use a trusted expert to install the air con in the best possible position, avoiding excessively sunny places, obstructions and areas with high exposure to salt air. With extensive experience in the Northern Beaches suburbs, use Climate Care Air Conditioning Services to install your next AC unit.

3. While we love Sydney’s weather, particularly in summer, it can be disastrous for air conditioners that are running constantly. Not only does this place pressure on the system and increase your energy bills, it also increases the amount of salt air, sand, dust and other particles that pass through the unit. Try to reduce the usage of your air conditioner when you can and ensure it’s not running all day.

4. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your AC will go a long way in helping to prevent corrosion. Check out our guide to cleaning your air filter or book in your annual air conditioner maintenance service now.

5. Rinse the coils. The cleaner the surface of the coils the more efficiently the unit will cool. Check your manual and access the coils in the AC case outside. Remove any visible dirt and debris with a soft coil brush. If needed, rinse the coils with water using a garden hose or spray bottle. You can also purchase a coil cleaning product to use at this stage and follow the package instructions. Care must be taken when cleaning the coils and if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, consider booking in a professional service.  

Living on the coast may mean you need to give your air conditioner a little more attention and care, but the rewards for a small amount of effort will be great. Maintaining your AC and protecting it against the salt air will ensure it operates as intended, is cost effective, and continues to keep you and your family cool for years to come. In case the air con has led to switchboard or power tripping issues please contact one of our trade partners Curran T electrical for any Residential electrical issues and faults.

From Balgowlah to Manly and up to Avalon and Palm Beach, we offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and installation services all over Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We understand the unique climate-related issues of the region and are experienced in dealing with corrosion and regular maintenance. Get in touch with the experts now.