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How often does my AC need to be serviced?

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Like all machines, air conditioners need regular servicing. By keeping your air conditioner appropriately maintained, you can save money on energy costs, extend the lifespan of the unit and ensure the ongoing efficiency of the AC.

It’s a date: schedule it in

We recommend a professional air conditional service at least every 12 months. Make a note in your calendar and book ahead to avoid forgetting.

Spring is the perfect time for a service before the summer heat strikes, when your unit will be in high use.

If you have a split system and use both heating and cooling, consider also booking in a service in autumn to ensure it’s ready for a frosty winter.

Why you should service your air conditioner regularly

You may require more frequent servicing depending on how much you use your AC, however a simple annual service by our air conditioner technicians will ensure your air con:

  1. continues operating as intended, ensuring it’s working for when you really need it,
  2. remains energy efficient and lowers your power costs, and
  3. maintains air quality and reduces the risk of mould growth.

It’s also possible to extend the life of your unit through regular checks to keep everything working like new.

What could happen if I don’t service my AC regularly?

It can be tempting to delay or avoid booking in a service but just as your car needs a regular tune up, so too does your AC.

Think about the dust, dirt and particles that pass through your unit and can accumulate without cleaning and maintenance. This build-up can affect the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner as well as increase power bills and affect air quality.

Avoid allowing mould and other airborne contaminants to spread by booking in an air conditioner maintenance service now.

Don’t forget the filter

Whilst you should invest in an annual professional air conditional service, there is a lot you can do to maintain your AC unit throughout the year.

Check out our tips for cleaning your air con filter to keep your unit running smoothly.

4 signs that something’s not right with your air conditioner

As your unit gets older it’s not unusual for problems to arise. You may need to book in an air conditioner maintenance service if your air con:

  1. is not operating at full capacity,
  2. is making unusual sounds,
  3. is leaking,
  4. or you notice your electricity costs have risen unexpectedly.

If you book it, we will come

Climate Care offers Sydney’s Northern Beaches residents a comprehensive air conditioner maintenance program to keep your unit running at peak performance all season long.

Our service includes:

  • a full system inspection,
  • cleaning and tuning of the components, and
  • replacement of the filters.

We can also monitor your unit to ensure optimum performance and advise you when it’s time to replace it.

We understand the demands of a Sydney summer and our team of air conditioner technicians can provide regular maintenance, repairs and replacements for split systems, multi-head split systems, ducted systems and VRV systems—all with a 12 month warranty.

Oh and just in case if you are looking for an awesome handyman in Melbourne, get in touch with Lachlan who was great in helping out a mutual client whose commercial aircons are serviced by us.